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Saturday, September 8, 2012

picky, Picky, PICKY!!!!

I love my family, I do.  But when did they become such freakin' picky eaters? I swear to the sweet baby Jesus, it is driving me up one wall and down another.

I  have a 3 year old who eats well, but doesn't like to eat a lot of meat and sometimes she refuses to eat at all, unless there is cottage cheese on her plate. She also knows when you try to sneak in the meat in her food.  She will literally SPIT IT OUT. On YOU, on the floor, on the dog... OYE VEY! But she loves fish!  THANK GOODNESS!

I have a 15 year old who says she doesn't like meat.  She doesn't like  beef, or pork but will eat chicken, but doesn't like veggies either and is allergic to mushrooms. Get this, I made tacos this week with ground turkey and she asked, "Why didn't you use hamburger?" To which I replied, "Because you don't like red meat."  Then she said, "Well I like it in tacos." WTH? Really child? You won't eat a hamburger but you eat hamburger in tacos only?  She doesn't like anything fish!

I have a 17 year old who doesn't like anything with any spice (so mild tacos work) and hates all things veggie (unless it is her great grandmother's corn from the farm). She DESPISES fish.

I have a husband who cannot eat peppers (green, red, yellow) for he is (in my opinion, based on how he reacts to them) allergic to them and he is not one to try new foods often because of this aversion to peppers. Crazy how many things have pepper in it, FYI. He doesn't like fish....

Then there is Kennith. He is my 8 year old foodie.  He will eat anything and his favorite side is steamed broccoli.  He is a mini-me when it comes to food.  He will try anything once. His favorite? Fish.

What they all like? Chicken and INSTANT mashed potatoes.  (yes you read that right, I have some that don't like real mashed potatoes... I know, I know)

So with this so called PICKY eating household I have been out on a challenge to incorporate different foods into our diets.

I have started to challenge each person to try something new.  If you have never tried it, how do you know you don't like it?  This challenge has been best received by Alex. I am so proud of her for trying different foods.  When we were on vacation in New Orleans, she and Kennith both tried my fish, craw fish bites, fried oysters, AND craw fish etouffee.  She liked all of it (except for the fried oysters)  So, maybe she is on a path of becoming at least a pescatarian? LOL I don't think so.  Alex has also started drinking "Body by Vi" shakes daily to get her nutrition.  I told her that as a teenage girl, if she didn't like meat she had to get protein somewhere. Thank goodness she loves the shakes!

We even got Phillip to try the Hu-Hot and it was different, but he tried it. I am so proud of him for being such a great role model for the kids and stepping outside of his "food" comfort zone.

Now, incorporating different foods into our diet has been a challenge for me, and I almost feel a bit spy like.  I have started hiding the "good" stuff into the stuff they like for dinners. 

Evil? Maybe. Genius? I think so.

Thanks to some great friends, I have found ways to "HIDE" veggies.  CHARLOTTE, you rock my friend!


Here are just a few things I do:

1) Since I work from home, in the morning I boil up a bit of cauliflower and get it really mushy.  I mash it and add it to the instant potatoes with some garlic, salt, pepper, butter, and cheese... they don't even know, and when they ask for seconds on potatoes? I gladly say SURE HONEY! EAT THEM UP!!

2) I started making my own homemade pasta sauce and let is simmer in the crock pot.  This way, I can puree steamed carrots and broccoli into the sauce and wait.... NO ONE EVEN KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE!

3) Any time I make a ONE MEAL DISH, I add extra veggies, like peas, carrots, and broccoli... so far, they have eaten it.

4) I made a taco pasta bake and added tons of veggies in the sauce! (same as the pasta sauce, but more "taco-y"... lol)

5) I made a delicious chicken in a cream sauce this week... Everyone loved it! Instead of using regular tomatoes, I used sun-dried tomatoes finely chopped AND it had ONIONS in it.... bwaaahhhaaaa....

I am a foodie. I admit it. I love to try new things and I love to "create" magic in my kitchen.  I like pizza with EVERYTHING on it, not just cheese (my kids want cheese)... So, this mama is up for a challenge... I am trying to turn my picky eaters in to healthier, savvy eaters... one hidden spear of broccoli at a time!

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