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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day - YEA!

Happy Labor Day! 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!  We have enjoyed our weekend with my mama.  She came into town on Thursday night and we have been chillaxin' all weekend.  We have gone to the mall, the farmer's market, the art festival in New Bo.  New Bo was pretty darn cool and we found some amazing things in the antique store.
Antique store in New Bo

Also, Phillip and I had a date night on Saturday night (we went to the comedy club in town). It has been a fantastic weekend thus far! I am so blessed to have the ability to enjoy this long weekend with my loved ones!

Friday night my mom and I went to the mall, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw signs in Von Maur that said, "Closed Monday in observance of Labor Day."  I almost clapped in the store--- the rest of the mall will be open, yet one of the major anchor stores is closed to give their employees the day off (as it should be). Labor day is a day for us to celebrate the "workers" and their contributions to our lives, every day.  Yet, many people in retail businesses are open today, in order to make some money---while those of us fortunate enough to have the day off go shopping or out to dinner.

So this of course got me to thinking...(while on my way to the grocery store for coffee creamer, I need my creamer, you just don't understand... this mama cannot function without her coffee... PLUS creamer. LOL) as I digress, yet again... it got me to thinking about giving thanks to those who are working today.  They too should have a joyous day with family, be able to throw some burgers on the grill and enjoy the day without having to serve anyone else but themselves.  If I had the money, I would have given everyone at the grocery store working some free burgers to grill when they got home, so they too could enjoy the day as others are. 

Instead, as I walked through the store (because the creamer is in the very back of the store in the left hand corner... and it is always freezing back there) --- I took time to thank every worker as I walked by.  I said, "thank you for working today, I truly appreciate what you do" or something to that nature. When I got up to the checker (she was an older woman whom I have talked with before), I asked her if she had to work all day and she said that she got off at noon.  I thanked her for always being a joy when I came through her line and I told her that if she is working I specifically seek her out because of her kindness.  I wished her a great labor day afternoon and told her she deserved to have some down time and relaxation.  She smiled and thanked me.  The smile was so big and genuine.  Then the man bagging my groceries (because we all know you cannot walk into a grocery store for one item and come out with JUST THAT ITEM, lol)--- he shook my hand and said thank you to me.  He was the manager of the store. 

I truly believe that good things happen to good people.  Why would the manager of the grocery store just be there bagging groceries and over hear my statement to the wonderful checker at the store?

I truly feel blessed to have this day off and the time to enjoy it with my family.

If you are out and about today, take a minute... just one to thank the person waiting on you.  Even if they have to work, make it worth it to that person by thanking them for the job they do. 

Happy Labor Day!

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