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Monday, January 28, 2013

PICKY, PICKY, PICKY!!! - The Challenge

Hello and happy Monday!

I hope your weekend brought you much joy.

The weekend at the Wenndt house tends to go by too quickly... A lot of times, if I don't plan out dinners for the week, I forget what I am making... I don't thaw the chicken in time... and we eat frikkin' pizza. 

Since we are on "live healthy" mindset, I wanted to be more thoughtful about meal planning and well... our lives in general. 

One of the HARDEST things for me to do is to plan out meals.  WHY? Because of picky eaters.  There is NOTHING wrong with being a picky eater, in my opinion (you know what you like, don't like), but when you have five picky eaters like I do, you have to find a common "food ground." 

So, instead of making FIVE different meals, here is what I started to do, and well...we are in week FOUR and it is totally working! 

So, how do I make this a fun activity for a 15 year old?  I get her to help me plan it out.  Every Saturday we sit down after breakfast.... after searching Pinterest for our experimental dinner for the week, we sit down together and build out our "weekly planner."  She helps me and we make sure that everything we make is lower fat lower calories and something that everyone will like.  Before we plan it out, we make sure that everyone has had input (like Maddy always wants cheese burgers or macaroni and cheese or a Mommy's special--- which is just a salad with ranch).

This little experiment is a win-win.  Everyone knows what we are planning out for dinners and they have a moment to veto it before it is printed out.  AND when I go food shopping (such a New Jersey term, FYI and one of my favorites)... I know exactly what I am buying for the week, which cuts my spending down.  For our family of five I spent a total of $120 at the grocery store this week for our meals for a week--- that includes snacks, breakfast AND lunches.  Which to break it down is less than $3.50 per person per day for food.  Not too shabby.

A visual reminder of activities, workout schedule for Alex and I (I like that because I feel as if I am bound to the agreement by putting it in writing... LOL), AND meals.  A great way to plan for a large family.

Here is our planner for the week.  It is on the side of the fridge so everyone can see it as they walk by.  It is in a great location and now that we are in week four of the planning, it is become a habit for us to use it. 


 So here it is.... Our planner.  It has been a great way for us to stay organized!  (yes, I do NOW see that my OB appointment is there---oh well. It is for my annual boob smashing... er mamogram. LOL)

Have a fantastic week!  I challenge you to try to "organize your meals"!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shit I Want to Say....

but I don't.  There are so many snarky comments I want to make on a daily basis, but I always think before I speak and I take the high road.  And then there are those times I want to say something to someone, but I stay quiet because I know they have to walk down that road on their own, and if I try to persuade them in one direction... they will not listen to me anyway... so I have to just sit by and watch.... waiting to pick up the pieces.

Have you ever had a day where you just wanted to say whatever came in your mind during conversations and well... be able to get away with it without any fall back? 

I want one of those days... but knowing that there are always repercussions to actions, I will NEVER EVER say the mean things I want to out loud... SO I thought I would take a moment to share those random bitch thoughts with you. 

(I used two cuss words already and you are like, Meli--- you had me at shit.... lol)

The random shit I want to say, but I don't....

To the young boy at Wal-Mart with his pants down below his butt:
"Oh honey, I really think you should look in the 'boys' section to get a pair of pants that fit you (these really look way to big) and the underwear section is right there.... they have undies there without the brown stains like yours."

To my child screaming at me in the car....

To the icky old guy at the gym who keeps checking women out and it is just disgusting (after I have done 1.5 hours of cardio/circuit training combo)...
"baby... why you be trippin' up in here lookin' at all these young fine thangs when you can find you some chick more like you, who will take your skanky ass with the lazy eye down at the bingo hall..."

To my husband's ex-wife after she said she was a better person that most:
"Bitch please... fiction is in the next aisle... this is biography."

To my child having a temper tantrum at home over something he/she wanted to do but couldn't (pick your child.. they all do it):
"OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I am so overwhelmed by your tantrum because you didn't get your way.  If that is how you want to act, just go ahead and do what you want. SAID NO RESPONSIBLE MOM.... EVER. Now, clean the bathroom."

To my teenager at the store in front of the "hot guy":
"Like, OMG, I think that boy is SO HOT for you, KWIM? ROTFLMAO, He is checkin' you out... TTFN, I am outtie... I gotta hit the Preparation H isle."

To anyone who asks me if I understand:
"No.  NO COMPREDE INGLES, ASSHOLIO." In a horrible Spanish accent.

When asked by my neighbor if his naughty 7 year old grandson can come and "play" at my house:
"Sure thing dude. I welcome a snot-nosed-asshole-kid-who-isn't-mine-and-I-can't-make-him-clean-if long have you had THOSE circles under your eyes?"

When asked the following question by anyone--- "do you have a minute?"
"hello no, Cheeto... I gots fahhhhsizzles in muh nizzles."

When asked by someone about Barack Obama:
"Who is she again?"

When told, "Melissa... Your kids are so good...."
"Yes. They are. We started incorporating electric shock therapy last month. It really helps. (then do the electric shock movement with my head, you know when you do the buzz zzzt with your head to one just did it didn't you!)

When asked, "What's for dinner?"
Run around the kitchen.... startled as if the world is ending and say, "I have no idea. Who does the food stuff around here? YOU (shake kid a bit) or YOU (shake the other kid)??" then sit on the floor pretending to pound my fists in the floor saying, "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO US? WE HAVE NO DINNER...."

When one of my kids tells me he/she has to use the restroom...
Stand outside the door and do my impersonation of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, "Kennith?" (pound pound pound)... "Kennith?"  (pound pound pound) until he comes out... neener neener child.... see how it feels to NOT pee in silence.

At Wal-Mart when my 3 year old is screaming for a  toy at the check out lane and the cranky old lady mutters under her breath "Just give her the damn toy and she will stop screaming"---
"Hi, I will be happy to buy her the toy so she can be rewarded for being not only NAUGHTY but RUDE.  The toy is like $2, but then she can go home with you until she is 18.  I am sure this lesson of getting a toy for being naughty will be AWESOME when she is 15 and wants something more expensive."

To my daughter about the boy she is "dating"... when he cancels on her again, or he wants her to walk to his house in the freezing cold instead of him walking here...
"Honey, you deserve better.  You deserve a boy who will walk up to your house and back, deal with your crazy family, and still want to be around you.  You deserve a boy who will honor his commitment to you regarding a date, versus canceling on you to hang out with his 'boyz'... You deserved to be honored, respected, and loved as much as your dad loves me. I know you are only 15 but don't settle. You are too young and you have way too much to offer to someone."

To my 3 year old when she is crying because her body hurts and she doesn't know why:
"Mommy doesn't know either, but we will figure this out together" as I cry with her.... Usually I try to stay strong and I don't breakdown.

To my 9 year old son when he wants to see his biological dad but cannot:
"Honey, sometimes a child has two dads.  One who is a dad and was there when they were born and he still loves you very much and misses you... and one who is here and raises you and tells you every day that you are special. When you are older you will understand more and until then please know that you are loved so much you have two daddies instead of one."

To my husband when he is sad,
"I know I cannot fix everything, and I don't have all the answers. I know I will make mistakes, and vice versa.  Of all this I know, I know I love you with all of my being. This will never change... When you signed that marriage certificate you signed your life away pal. You are stuck with me.... FOREVAH."

Have a fantastic week.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Doctors, Doctors, and WAIT...MORE DOCTORS

So, a lot of you have been following for a while and know that we have been battling some medical issues with our little Madelynn... the battle still continues.

So this is my Madelynn update.

Maddy is so funny for a 3 1/2 year old and she is so smart. I think this is what my blessing is because I can only trust my mom-gut so much.  Maddy is very in tune to her body and things that are going on and she can communicate it with us (which not only flabbergasts Phillip and myself, but also the doctors).

Great news first...

We now can drop the gastroenternologist.  His job is done. Maddy is pooping well and she doesn't need to go back to him again. PRAISE GOD.

The other news...

Maddy is scheduled for a kidney function test on Jan 22nd.  However, she has had another serious UTI, and was on antibiotics for 10 days. Thank goodness they tested her to make sure the antibiotic would work on her infection before they gave it to her. So, the test, and the nephrologist afterwards to talk about her kidneys....

Then a check up with the endocrinologist to make sure she is on track with her medication for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (hypothyroidism).

And then to a rheumatologist.... and a cardiologist... so many "ISTS" I cannot even fathom.

At Maddy's last check up, her heart murmur is getting louder and her blood pressure is high.  Something is not right. My mom-gut is telling me that her hypothyroidism is a symptom of another autoimmune disease (such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus).

So, based on my mom-gut-tuition (that is my term for mom intuition) I told the endocrinologist she sees that her heart murmur is getting worse, her BP was high, she constantly complains about her bones "hurting"... and she is exhausted all the time.

I would take her place... a million, gazillion times. I have said this before.  There is NO REASON a 3 1/2 year old should be FINE with getting a blood draw.  SHE KNOWS SHE DOESN'T FEEL WELL.  She has a constant cough and we get no answers.

There is no one who specializes in EVERYTHING but I refuse to just stand on the sidelines and wait. I know, I am not a doctor. I know this.  I am a mom.  I know my kids. And I know when something is really wrong. 

My blessing? A doctor.  Our family doctor.  She honestly is a champion of our health and will FIGHT with us to get the answers we need.  So with her help, the prayers and healthy thoughts from friends and family... and God above...

So that is my Maddy update.  After more than 5 months of searching for something, I feel as if we will have answers soon and my baby will be on the official mends. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Resolution... or NOT???

Question for you? Do you set any new year resolutions?

Like, you won't eat chocolate, or you will eliminate caffeine out of your diet. OR wait, YOU PROMISE THAT THIS YEAR YOU WILL DEFINITELY GO BACK TO THE GYM!

A lot of these use to be my kind of resolutions until I realized that:

A) I love chocolate... why give it up when I can just eat it in moderation.
B) DUDE, no coffee with caffeine? NO nice Melissa. PERIOD. END OF STORY. BRING ON THE caffeine (and as a medical side note: caffeine is said to delay Alzheimer's so it is important to drink it---BONUS).
C) I will go back to the gym but if I miss a day here and there I won't punish myself.

So, why set a resolution when I KNOW I am going to break it.  Instead, I set a word goal.  Thanks to a fantastic website I was able to truly set a goal to impact others by picking just one word and living that word daily. 

My word for this year is thankful.  I decided that through all things... the good, the bad, and the funky... I will continue to be thankful.

Even when the going gets tough... I want to be thankful in the process.

So my first step was to set up a "2013 work goodies" jar.  In this jar, I am going to collect all of the fantastic goals I accomplish or nice things that happen at work. So when I am having a rough day, I have a reason to be thankful. I can pull out a piece of paper and be brought back to that amazing moment so I can have reminders at work to be thankful for what I have.

And I don't know about y'all but sometimes work can get SO BUSY that I get overwhelmed. So instead of getting caught up in the "overwhelm" I am making a conscious effort to be thankful for the amazing job I have.

What I did:
I took an old mason jar from the pantry, sticky notes, and fun butterfly bling stickers.

I cut the sticky part off of the sticky note so I had some little slips of paper I could easily write a note down on and toss it into the jar (with the date).

Easy cheesy.  Now, It is just up to me to fill it.  The more I do for others and the more I meet my goals, the more paper I get in that little jar.  I would LOVE to have 2013 papers by the end of the year, but that I think is a wee bit overzealous (LOL) so maybe I will go for 300. 

Challenge: find your own word to live by for the year.  Get creative with how you will make that word come to fruition in your life. 

Have fun with it!  Be creative! Get silly!  POST YOUR WORD BELOW (please)