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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time Spent = Love

So many times during the summer or on the weekend the kids are always wanting to know what we are going to do next.  Sometimes this is overwhelming because I look at my bank account and think... we went to the movies yesterday, and out to dinner... the day before we had to run to the mall (with three kids, mind you), and they day before that we just enrolled Kennith in summer camp for a week... This mama ain't got no more "entertainment" money. BUT what I fail to understand is that they just want to spend time with us (Phillip and I).

So, I am on a mission for the remainder of summer break to do something with my kids each day, and to do something "cheep" or free. 

Hummm....  Have bikes? CHECK  Have pool passes? CHECK  Have items to pack snacks and lunch? CHECK Have sneakers? CHECK Have imagination? OH LORD I HOPE. LOL

Yesterday Kennith, Alex, and I went on an amazing bike ride.  Eventhough it felt like 12 miles, it was only 6, but we biked for a long time and our legs hurt (and to be honest, my back hurts so bad today because I am such a weakling. LOL)

I am now trying to plan different things to do with them that will be cost effective and fun.

Farmer's markets... I love the farmer's market in Cedar Rapids. Always fun to walk around, try some samples, and dance or listen to the live music.  This is one low cost event, and we tend to have breakfast there (we go to the omelet place by the park, um wicked good I tell you...). It is every other Saturday in the morning... get their EARLY for the best produce! For more information:

Bike rides... there are so many great bike trails in the Cedar Rapids area that we need to start taking advantage of these great trails.  Pack some water and a snack and we are golden.

Picnic... go on an old fashioned picnic.  I am thinking about taking the kids out to Morgan Creek one night and hiking and having dinner out there.  It would be a great time for us to get some exercise, reconnect and enjoy nature.

Splash pads... these are FREE! FREE I tell you! Why not grab some snacks and water and spend the day at the splash pad.  Make sure to bring sunscreen, but it is a great way to spend time with your kids... OH and this mom's rule? YOU (mom I am talking to you) have to get in that water and splash around like you are 10. Just do it!

Pools... we have pool passes, so they are in theory free, right? Why not spend the day at a pool.  We tend to go to the same pool all the time, so I think we are going to do some pool jumping... I am setting a goal for the Wenndts to try EVERY pool in Cedar Rapids before school starts.

Uptown Marion Concerts on Thursday nights/ Granger Museum... these can be fun, but LOUD! Be prepared for some noise people! calendar:

Take a drive out to the Amana Colonies and look at the buildings, walk around and talk about Amana history?? I think so (I may even grab a bottle of wine or

There are a ton of local resources out there that have a lot of free or low cost activities for you to spend time with the kiddos. 

So with that, I must go clean my bedroom (as this is a task each child is doing at the moment).  After that, it is lunch and off for an adventure. Today I think it is the pool.... AND today, I will go on water slides and play games with the kids, instead of sitting on the sidelines... making sure they are all safe. I will play with them. Be in the moment.  Enjoy this time I have. 

Be Blessed!

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