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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"HAPPY"- Dog Rescued Needs Home

Most of the time I come on here to write about my personal experiences, however today I want to write about the rescue of a sweet puppy we call “Happy”.

My sister, Sarah, and her boys were driving from Louisiana to Iowa.  The drive is 18 hours without stopping and without traffic (do you see this traffic they encountered in Baton Rouge? Crazy). 

Because the drive is so long, a halfway stop is necessary.

While driving on highway 55 in Mississippi (going 70 miles an hour plus--- mind you) my nephew spotted a puppy on the side of the road. He takes after my sister in every sense.  My sister was the child who would bring home wounded birds, puppies, cats, and yes a raccoon once to help them get better.  She has a compassion for animals and has always had the moral grounding to do the best thing for any animal or person in need.  It was getting dark and they passed the puppy on the road.  Determined, she kept driving until she could turn around and head back to the puppy. The stretch of highway 55 in Mississippi is rather dull. Not many exists and it is just a stretch of empty land. After she turned around she had to drive back and try to find the puppy again. Thank goodness, my nephew and my sister remembered the mile marker the puppy was near. After about 20 minutes of rerouting to find the puppy, they drove upon her on laying on the white line on the highway. She was sprawled out on the line and just crying (according to my nephew). When they looked at her, she had road rash marks on her belly, ticks, fleas, and a large wound on her side. Sarah knew at this point if she didn’t grab this puppy and get her some water, food, and help it would be the end of the road for this precious pup.

They loaded the puppy in the car, and at the next rest area they were able to get her water and some food.  Their trip was delayed and their halfway stop in Memphis was hours away.  When Sarah and the boys pulled into Memphis, they first stopped to get the puppy flea bath medication so the puppy could be bathed. In the morning, they took the puppy to the vet.

Upon examination, the vet said that the puppy most likely had been tossed from a car on the highway and if they didn’t stop to rescue it, it would have died by morning.  Sarah said it was the boys who encouraged her to stop… the vet called them HEROS. The vet treated the wounds, gave the puppy some dewormer and some antibiotics to make sure her wounds heal fast.  The vet gave Happy a clean bill of health!!

The puppy is a pure bred white Catahoula with two different colored eyes.  Most of the time, when the white Catahoulas are born, they are deaf and most breeders toss them aside or euthanize them because they cannot make a profit.  The breed is from Louisiana and not common in the north.  It is a mid-sized dog that will grow to be somewhere between 40 and 90 lbs.  “Happy” Is about 14 weeks old and she can hear just fine.

Since my sister and nephews have been hand feeding her and helping her mend her wounds, she is very friendly and loves to cuddle---- AND she is in need of a good home.  If you know of anyone who would want to adopt her or if you would like to meet her and see if she would fit in your family, please let me know. I want this puppy to have an amazing life. She was rescued for a reason.

My lesson learned: Compassion for others, including animals speaks so highly of a person. Having compassion for others outweighs any money they could offer. Sometimes, I think we as society get to “self-involved” to see the other things around us, like a puppy lying on the side of the road.  The next time I am out and about… I think I will wear some compassion. If someone is asking for money or food, I will give them something… I mean, what if I was on the side of the road in desperate need of help… I wonder, would there be anyone to stop and rescue me?  Would anyone turn around on the highway to get me help?

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