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Friday, August 24, 2012


Did I get your attention?

Well, I have to tell you about an amazing evening out we had as a family (sans Maddy, since she was too young).

Last Friday was Phillip's 40th birthday and he had to work late, so the kids and I did some researching to find out WHAT we could do to make his birthday unique and fun.  Then, there it was. A deal on HERE'S THE DEAL (,+daily+deal,+kcrg,+thegazette,+cedar+rapids,+iowa+city&amp) -- two for one to a murder mystery dinner theater event at Bloomsbury Farms.  TWO FOR ONE? I think so!

So we were able to get 6 tickets for the price of 3 (love the websites out there that offer deals, like groupon, sweet jack, here's the deal, etc--- my friend Monty has the whole list he shared with me and I have them somewhere saved on my computer but where...hum...), but where was I (did I mention that my ADHD brain is fully loaded and overloaded today)... We didn't tell Phillip right away what we were doing, but we did on Saturday.  Phillip, Serina, Alex, Kennith, Dennis (Phillip's dad), and I headed out for our adventure!

The ride out to Atkins was pretty quick and the farm was Ah-mazing!  Pulling into the parking lot we could just see that they had all kinds of awesome activities ( and it has been added to our list to visit again later in the fall. 

Before the show, they served appetizers and you could order a beverage (wine, beer, soda for a price) while tea and lemonade were free with your ticket.  With the murder mystery group that was there--- one character came out and started mingling with the entire group of people, handing us each a character to play. WHAT? We are a part of the production? This is RIGHT up my alley. We had to walk around and collect information from other detectives, which was a great way to get the group comfortable for the main event and get everyone to interact.

While Phillip and I age some appetizers (delicious FYI, the bruschetta was amazing) the kids went on a hay rack ride after walking a bit through the corn maze. 

The show started, characters were introduced, laughter immediately ensued.  Then we had a salad and then again more acting.  Then the actors took a break while dinner was served.  Some of the bestest fried chicken, smashed potatoes and gravy I have ever had and the portions were HUGE!  Then another act of the murder mystery followed by a strawberry shortcake dessert. 

Then finally, FINALLY we found out who dun it.... Lot's of laughs and group involvement. Everyone of us enjoyed the event and it is a definitely must do again.  Well worth the cost.

I think our next adventure will be in October for breakfast with the pumpkin princess. Maddy will LOVE it! (October 27th) and possibly a few other events before then.  Like Monsters and Merlot (um this is where zombies serve an elegant dinner out in the corn (you get there by hay rack ride).... this sounds like a great date night for Phillip and I, it is RIGHT up our alley!

Just an amazing time, and if you haven't been out to Bloomsbury Farms, you HAVE TA go out and visit (fall festival is in September and October). From start to stop it was just an amazing adventure for the Wenndts.  To top it all off the staff at Bloomsbury is top notch!

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