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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Do you remember when you were younger and would go out with your friends for two-fers? (For some of us that is yesterday, for others --- UM, ME, it was forever ago.)  I used to love two-fers night. Two drinks for the price of one. After five hours of dancing, five rounds of booze, and only $20 bucks spent you had a good night. It became an even better night when a fight would break out and you got to watch. I used to love bar drama. Two friends fighting over a guy or a couple splitting up because she saw him look at someone.  Always entertaining.

My two-fers are different today. I still get as silly and giggly--- AND my filter completely shuts down-- but I don't need to have a drink at all.  Instead, my two-fers come from no alcohol at all, but two nights in a row where my youngest is up and down all night.  I am punch drunk tired. Maddy is over the flu, but she is having a hard time staying asleep.  Thursday night she was up and down most of the night.  Finally at four in the morning on Friday, she wanted to snuggle and watch "Beauty and the Beast"--- so what is a mom to do? Snuggle in the chair and sing all of the songs with her two year old. (And now I am humming --"look at the baker with his tray like always... the same old bread and rolls to sell")

Yesterday after work, I went to help my dear friends set up for an amazing event tonight. It is the first of its kind in Cedar Rapids and I am honored to be a part of it.  It is a "Mom's Night Out" event. I am getting dressed up, hanging out with women, shopping, eating, and having a glass of wine... So awesome!

Yet, as I digress... Last night Maddy was up again... five times. I have to potty, I sick (she isn't), I hungry, I have to potty, I want to snuggle.  And let me not forget the dogs barking at 4 am to go outside.  I get up with her, we go through our routine and I am tired, but I would never trade it. My babies are growing up so fast, I want to cherish each moment. They are the music in my life... they are the "Beauty to my Beast" so to speak.

I am excited for tonight. I can't wait to motivate some women, make them laugh. I am excited for my friends, C and L, because this event tonight is going to create some amazing memories for the women who attend. Next year it will be even bigger. I would even bet $100 on it doubling in size next year. For reals. Last night was fun getting it set up, even though the "b*tch" in the pink shirt told me not to blog about her. HAHA, I totally did. She really wasn't nasty at all, she cracks me up. She is amazing, and I hope she found the keys.

And I want to win the Kitchenaide Mixer tonight at the event. Did you see that bird? I need more coffee.  Oh, I like bacon.  Did you know my dog is huge already (she is a 7 month old great dane).  I like pizza. I can't eat the sauce, it makes me sick due to fructose intolerance… Oh, my goodness... it is going to be a great day....SQUIRREL! I think I am getting a zit on my forehead. Coffee? Like I said, my world is random. Today is so random I may need to take a nap...or have more coffee. J

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