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Saturday, March 10, 2012

One of THOSE Days

Have you ever had one of those days? One of those days where everything feels right? (You thought I meant one of THHHHOOOOSSSEEE

Today was one of those days for me. My husband (bless him) came home from work yesterday with a fever and felt achy. He rested all night and today.  So, to give him some quiet time, I decided to take Alex, Kennith, and Maddy out for the afternoon. But here is the thing... they didn't know I had this all planned yet, and the following events REALLY happened in the Wenndt house...

A calm was over the house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa when all of a sudden giggles poured out of a 2 1/2 year old diva's room.  She then beckoned, "MAMMA. DADDA. KB (Kennith's family nickname). ALEXX." Then, more giggles.  Maddy will stay in her toddler bed until someone comes in. It is crazy, because she can get out... she just waits. She woke up in wonderfully happy mood. It was 6:30 AM and everyone else was asleep. She says, "Good mornin' mama... I wuv you ." I said "I love you too, sweetie." She then wanted a drink and wanted to watch Mickey Mouse while snuggling. We had some great snuggle time, just Maddy and I. 

Then Alex got up and we chatted a bit about her odd dream. Alex then said she would make breakfast. It warmed my heart because she was excited to do it and I didn't ask her... she just did. She will be 15 in a few days, and I love seeing the young woman she is becoming.  She made "bird's nests"... she sprayed a pan with olive oil... put a slice of bread in it with a hole cut out of the middle and put an egg in the middle of the toast. I had NEVER had this before (her dad used to make it for her when she was little, and when she sees her grandpa at the farm; she always makes it for him). It was absolutely delicious. What made it even better is the time we all spent together.  What made it special was the joy I saw in her...and how randomly thoughtful she was this morning. These moments are what make being a mom (or a step mom) the most special time ever.  AND she made a very healthy breakfast! WHOOT WHOOT! Go teen Wenndt!

After breakfast we went to TaeKwanDo, and Alex, Maddy and I watched Kennith as he practiced.  From there we shopped a bit and went to lunch.  We went to HuHot and used chopsticks (everyone used them, even Maddy--- quite funny!) and made different sauces.  I saw the kids all laugh with each other. Alex and Kennith sitting side by side talking about their Mongolian BBQ choices—they laughed and were enjoying each other’s company. Maddy danced in the isle while we head to get our plates made, and we laughed--- from the core center of our bellies kind of laugh... And then… everyone was watching in awe as they cooked our food on the HUGE grill.  Something so simple as a lunch out turned into an event where we just were "in the moment" together.

We then went shopping at the mall. Alex had Lisa with Clinique (love her, fyi) put some smoky eye shadow on her--- so we have it for Friday (dance at school)--- she looked so beautiful and so grown up.  We laughed... we got some gadgets for the kitchen (I wanted an olive oil container so I could infuse it with garlic on my own)...We got popcorn.  We didn't spend a lot of money, but we did spend a lot of time just being together.

Life is full of little blessings. Those moments that take your breath away and make you go, is this MY life? I am so lucky to have this life. It may not always be smooth sailing, we may not always get along, but, man... can we laugh…we can smile... we can love.

This evening (before dinner) Maddy and I ran to the store. She is very independent and stubborn and wants to walk by the cart and be funny or bossy; it just depends on the day.  Today, she was like, "I don't want THAT one."  (with the most 2 year old attitude ever) because she wanted different crackers... a woman walked by and said, "Just wait til she is a teenager. You think she has attitude now..." and she laughed.  Normally I wouldn't say anything; I would just smile and nod my head... but not today.  My response with a huge smile, and love in my heart was, "I can't wait for that day.  I have an almost 15 year old who was very similar to this one when she was younger …and if this daughter turns out as great as our 15 year old, I will be so blessed…I can't wait for that day." 

I don't know what spurred me to respond. The woman was in shock I think because I didn't complain about my kids, I spoke with love and conviction and a positive force that welled up inside me. I am one proud mama... My kids ROCK. They make me smile from the inside out. So yes, it has been one of THOSE days... one of THOSE days I wouldn't trade for anything else in the world.

    Kennith and Madelynn at the play place in the mall

Alex this morning after making her award winning breakfast!

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