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Monday, March 26, 2012

REALLY? Really.

Hello! Long time, no blog! Between computer issues, lots of work to do, kids, activities, etc it has been one crazy month.

Last week my son had pink eye in both eyes. I took care of him, and we had to quarantine him into his room so no one else got the pink eye. WELL, no one else did get the pink eye, besides Kennith and myself. I just happen to have allergies on top of it, so I still have red puffy eyes, and basically I look like a crazy woman.

And now that I think about it, I am sure the woman at Wal-Mart yesterday was looking at me like I was a mad woman for a reason. I was trying to figure out why she kept giving me the stink eye--- and smiled uncomfortably at me... I was so perplexed at how odd her behavior was, when I got in the car after shopping (mind you while shopping I had SPOTIFY playing in my ears--Best hits of GLEE, FYI---which means I was kind of dancing while shopping)... ANYWAY, I get in my car and look in the mirror... to my shock and horror... that red eyed, crazy curly haired person staring back at me was, well ME. OMG, talk about embarrassing moment. I cannot believe I looked that bad. Have you ever had one of those moments? You know where you are like, "MELISSA? ARE YOU IN THERE? I KNOW I CAN KINDA SEE YOU THOUGH THIS CREATURE IN THE MIRROR!!!" I had one of THOSE moments. Man, I looked scary. PURE fright. And then I almost had melt down, because I thought the child in isle 13 didn't just cry when I started walking down the aisle because he was cranky, I think I may have scared him. REALLY.

Anyway, I feel as if this has been my week. Full of "what is that?" or "what the heck???" moments. LOL

Saturday evening Phillip and I celebrated our first anniversary. It is the paper anniversary, what do you get your spouse that is paper? I got him a "he said, she said" silly book from the store, and I made him a quote collage with famous love/anniversary quotes hand written in a frame with decorations. He loved it. Sometimes it is the small, thoughtful things that we do for each other that mean the world.

We went to see "Cabaret" in Sioux City, at Lamb Theatre... it was FANTASTIC! I really loved it a lot, and loved the emcee. He was AMAZING in his role. I have seen this actor in several productions, and this was by far his best performance ever. Not only was I emotionally moved by his character, but as an added bonus I can call him friend. He is truly an amazing performer. Also, the cast was very good. I really enjoyed the musical. NOW, I am a theater lover and I have never seen Cabaret... so Phillip and I went with my cousin and his partner, and we took our 15 year old. OMGOODNESS! I know she has seen worse in movies and TV, but seeing it live sitting next to her made ME blush. What is that about? Teeehhhheeeee.... I did though. If you have never seen Cabaret, it is a must see. Funny, sensual, and it has serious moments, and is very touching (in both a bow-chicka-wow-wow way and a ooooohhhhhh, nooooooo way).

So, even though this week has been busy, I am glad I went through it. NOW, if I could just find a good eye shadow color to go with red eyes that are puffy and swollen it would all be golden.

Happy Monday! Make every day count.

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