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Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, Monday

Ah, nothing better than the Monday after we "spring ahead" for a time change, right? (are you sensing my sarcasm here? lol) I could not for the life of me go to sleep last night... I don't know if it was the Apprentice (and my "oh no he didn't" attitude at the end) or the coffee I drank in the evening, or the time change that kept me up.  Today, my kids slept in and everyone was running on slow motion this morning.  I feel like there is not enough cottage cheese (my go to stress food) or coffee in this house to make it through the day... Anyway, I am ONE tired MOMMY.  And I cannot afford to be tired.  I just can't.  Tonight Kennith has a concert at school at 6:45 pm, he then needs to run over to TaeKwanDo to get his belt (he has to miss his belt ceremony because of the concert)--- Between now and the concert, we need to figure out dinner, which might just be leftovers. LOL 

Alex and I decided to start going to classes at the YMCA daily to find the one or two we love and keep with it.  This is our adventure in exercise! I need to really start doing something to get rid of my jiggle in the middle... Anyway, tomorrow night we have a class, then Alex and I have our Relay for Life meeting... Wednesday is sweet Alex's 15th birthday! OMG, I cannot believe she will be 15 on Wednesday!  We are going out to dinner and we will do something fun over spring break to celebrate.  So, dinner on Wednesday is planned.Thursday is cardio kickboxing at the YMCA.  A class Alex and I have decided is a must try for us... Friday is TaeKwanDo and body pump. It all sounds crazy, but with the time change yesterday, we decided to get more active. I don't know now how this will all pan out, but it is worth the try!

So, that is what I have been thinking about today, how busy our week is. And thinking about it is making me more tired.  I would take a nap, but naps make me grouchier and I have a lot of "work" work to do... and I have to teach 61 minds this afternoon. I don't want to be grouchy for them. I could have more coffee... or I could take the dog for a little walk, get some fresh air, and use my lunch time for good. OK, you have convinced me... I am going to take a cup of coffee with me on the walk. HAHA

Happy Monday, enjoy the time change!

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