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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend has been a great weekend.  Kennith had his first football game, we celebrated Phillip's father's birthday last night, watched Titanic on the 100th anniversary with the kids (all but Maddy... Serina, Kennith and I shared the sofa and a box of Klenex), closed my 31 party (HOLLAH) and had great chat time with Jessica before she left, and I have dinner made for tonight. Homemade sloppy joes (with homemade buns), hash brown casserole, and green beans... AND we did our food shopping for the week with recipes planned. Then we don't stare at each other and the fridge saying... what do you want? I don't know what do you want! LOL So, I am going to make dinners this week and have ONE left over day. Wish me luck!

I just want to take some time today, as I wrap up my weekend with my family and thank my friends for just being there. You can't pick your family, but you can pick your friends... friends are the family you pick. 

I am so blessed to have some great friends from school that I am still connected with who always make me laugh. They helped me reconnect with my past and they make me proud of who I was and who I am.  I am blessed to have new friends in my life who get me. Who know I am quirky and strange, but they love me anyway.  The girls I can text in the evening and talk about the crazy stuff while we are unwinding in our own homes, having a glass of wine...  I am lucky to have friends who challenge me.

I am blessed to have a specific group of women in my life. We came together under our own individual tragedies in 2007 and they have become a solid group of women I am blessed to know.  They are my rocks... have been there to build me up.  To these women, I really owe my life.... in not the life or death way, but the thank you for helping me along my relationship path and help me find my way, which lead to my husband... kind of way. HA, I will never forget having that shot at the bar with Jamie... coming up to the hotel room and asking for permission to go on a date with Phillip... The girls said yes. Oh, girls... you all rock. You know it.

I am so blessed to be married to my best friend. He really is the one of the most amazing men I have ever known. I am glad my kids get to have him as a role model. Through him, they will learn how hard work will pay off, how to love unconditionally, and how to be genuinely thoughtful. 

So, with that mushy, mush...Don't forget to mail your taxes. HA

 I am off to the LORAX with Kennith. A mommy-son date that is long overdue.

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