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Friday, April 13, 2012

Even More Crap-rific than the Last

Are you getting tired of me talking about poop all the time? I know I am. So after this blog, I promise to not talk about it for a while. PINKY SWEAR.

So, I took Maddy to the doctor today, since she hasn't pooped since Monday's big kahuna at Walgreens. When I was talking to the doctor, I gave her (Doctor) a list if the fiber-licious foods and drinks and supplements we give Maddy to make her poop. I honestly think the doctor was shocked with the fact that Maddy refuses to poop.

We were talking about how to fix to back-up issue and then the doctor asks for Maddy to lay down...

SIDE NOTE: Parents, why is it that your child can be total hell on wheels the whole day... you want to cry, pull your hair out, put them on time out, take a nap, scream, or have a temper tantrum yourself because the child is so bad (you don't but you want to)-- and then as soon as you are with someone else, or you are somewhere else, your child becomes this perfect child. As if God himself sent an angel down to take over your child's body. They all of a sudden say please and thank you. And instead of pointing, grunting, groaning, and screaming for something they actually use words. I know, shocking right?

Where was I? Oh yeah, so the doctor asks my perfect angel toddler to lay down. Maddy did and let the doctor examine her belly.  The doctor's face became puzzled, and she kept feeling on the left side of maddy's tummy.  Then the doctor looks at me with a face you never want to see... "Melissa, I feel a lump here in her belly. It moves a bit, so I think she must have stool backed up, but we should do an x-ray."

And like all great moms, I ONLY heard...lump...x-ray.  Then as I try to breath, I process it all again and put the puzzle pieces back together.  We go over to the x-ray room and Maddy was the most wonderful 2 year old I have evern seen. She stood still and laid down perfectly.  After that, we went back to the exam room and we waited to hear back from the doctor.

At this point, Maddy and I have been at the doctor's office for 1.5 hours. When noone else is there, my daughter is back to her usually toddler self, trying to scream, pinch and spit. And then there is a knock on the door. Maddy calms down and the doctor comes in.  The doctor has now confirmed that my 2 year old is full of it... poop that is. She has so much poop, they cannot tell if there is a blockage or worse in her intestine. So, the doctor prescribes her a stronger strength of Miralax and tries to tell Maddy she has to poop.

As we leave, the doctor told me a radiologist will review the x-ray, and they will call me back.  My sweet baby may have to have an ultrasound and MRI to see what is really going on. 

I am glad we went to the doctor. I am sad my daughter is in pain and she can't poop.  Answers sooner rather than later would rock. 

Another side note: Who would have ever thought that conversations about poop, going on the potty, puke and the like woudl be a part of their normal conversation? OR at least a normal conversation. HAHAHAHAHA, I know I never thought I could handle it. Man, I rememeber when I was in college and someone would PRETEND to throw up, it would get me doing it... but for real. Now I can eat a cheeseburger while listening to it.

Good times, good times....

UGH. As I finish up my blog for today, I get the call... Maddy has stool in her colon and there may be blockage. An ultrasound will be scheduled for next week. Please keep my baby in your prayers.

NOW, here is her cuteness at the doctor's office waiting....

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