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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Things I Want to Do Before I Die -- {my inappropriate bucket list}

Sometimes, I sit here and make lists. Its how my mild OCD tendencies are carried out in my life. I am a list maker. I like checking stuff off. Nothing cooler than going to bed with a list full of crossed off line... YEAH BABY....

Before I die, there are a few goofy and inappropriate things I want to experience... some are absolutely insane. I don't know if I will ever get this list done, but I have decided to have my list of 43 and my goal is to get all 43 things done before my 44th birthday.

43 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 44:

1) Write 43 blog entries.
2) Wear a mustache with my kids at the Farmer's Market or NewBo market and walk up to 10 random folks and say, "I MUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION..."  in an accent....
3) Visit one of the four states I have never been to (like Utah, let's go skiing)
4) Take at least 4 weekend road trips with my kids to experience new things
5) Make Beef Wellington for giggles
6) Eat breakfast 4 out of 7 days a week EVERY week (I never eat breakfast)
7) Start on a master's degree
8) Drink 8 glasses of WATER / WATER daily. And not WINE. It is not water *SNORT*
9) Don't tell my son... learn what this MINECRAFT CRAP is all about and maybe play it with my kids.
10) Eat at a KFC in Kentucky.... LOL
11) Make every Sunday afternoon/evening a video game/ cell phone free night and actually get creative with my kids
12) Eat at the dinner table 5 out of 7 dinners.  Have a basket for all phones, no phones at the table (ERR, I am talking to me and my crazy desire to take photos of my damn food)
13) Teach myself how to play the piano
14) Read the entire Bible from front to back
15) Get rid of stuff we don't use... every month clean it out.
16) Participate in no spend September
17) Participate in BOOB SMASHING OCTOBER
18) Participate in NO SHAVE NOVEMBER (EWWWWWW)
19) Spend a day at a spa and just relax, even if they tell me to get naked. *SNORT*
20) Compliment a different person every day
21) Say NO when I want to SAY NO....and be ok with it
22) Exercise daily
23) Run a 1/2 marathon
24) Go Christmas caroling with friends in the neighborhood just because we can carol and stuff
25) Volunteer at my kids' school

26) Read at least 4 books for pleasure

27)  Turn on EVERY Scentsy pot I own with a different and dramatic scent in each year

28) Drive an expensive sports car

29) Go to a nude beach (UMM MOM, I didn't say I would go nude, I just want to go..)

30) Learn how to ballroom dance

31)  Complete a craft I start

32) Go catch snowflakes on my tongue with my kids just for fun

33) Listen more to others to really listen to them and not be formulating my response.

34) Hold BACONFEST 2015

35) Stop saying IM SORRY all the time when stuff happens and I am not responsible for it OR wait.... I am really NOT SORRY.

36) Make my bed every day for one whole week.... (THIS is gonna be a challenge)


38)  Say yes to helping out events or other stuff that will not just take from my emotional bucket but will pour back in.

39) Make my own fun YouTube music video

40)  Raise $1,000 for relay for life in 2015 on my own

41) Always tell my children I love them before they go to school and before they go to bed

42) Dress up as a random super hero and go shopping.

43) Make my own wine

My bucket list is ready to welcome year 43 on this earth.  I wonder how much of this I will get done? I bet there is an APP for this... NOW THAT is what I am talking about.... OCD in check and bucket list ready.... bring on the new year!

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