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Friday, November 28, 2014

Am I *BLEEP* Enough

Happy day post Thanksgiving!

I am not sure if any of you are Black Friday shoppers, I am definitely not.  I am not born to bet up at the butt crack o' dawn to go outside and stand in line in the cold and wait for a ticket to wait for a thingy for a discount. I would much rather sleep in and wake up slowly, drink some coffee, contemplate the day ahead of me and go for an adventure or two with the kids.

Today we went to NewBo market for an early lunch (and well, to pick up pasta and sauce for Turkey Tetrazzini for dinner), and then out to the winery for a sip and shop event with local vendors (UM, they had a bra lady. She sells bras. they are amazing bras. I bought a bra or like 2 of them and WOW) and it was fun to see some friends and meet some new folks. Anyway, look at the amazing before and after shots of new bra purchase? I know, every mid-40s woman without a boob job is like I GOTS TO GET ME ONE OF THOSE! :) LOL

But what has been on my mind for a few days is that I know I am a good mom and a great friend... but sometimes I truly wonder if I am enough.

I mean, I have had MANY failed relationships, I struggle to make ends meet from time to time, and I have days where I am like WTHeck????

I recently went on a trip and I spent a bit of time by myself thinking... am I enough? I mean... really?

I work hard, I think I am a great person to be around, and I will do whatever you want to do for fun, but if there is something I want to do, can you just sacrifice 30 minutes to walk with me or enjoy "my stuff?" and then if you can't I start thinking... what is wrong with me. Why am I NEVER enough....

How many times do you sit there and have that same thought? So you slowly bow out of a situation because in your own mind you are not enough.

You sit there and have these thoughts....

Am I enough?
Am I smart enough?
Am I funny enough?
Am I strong enough?
Am I crazy enough?
Am I worth enough?
Am I compassionate enough?
Am I understanding enough?
Am I successful enough?
Am I God fearing enough?
Am I talented enough?
Am I enough?

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on.....

STOP right there.

Why do we do that? We are created the way we are and regardless of what others thing, we are enough.  And it shouldn't take someone else to make us feel that we need to be enough, we should already know it.  We should matter to those around us and we shouldn't have to always question if we are enough....

So instead, I say... change the way you think, the way you AM I *BLEEP* ENOUGHing it.

Write it in window marker on your bathroom mirror, write it out on sticky notes and put them all over the house.  Change your view of yourself because you are more than enough.

So when those thoughts come into play, SWITCH TWO words!

I am enough.

I am smart enough.
I am funny enough.
I am strong enough.
I am crazy enough.
I am worth enough.
I am compassionate enough.
I am understanding enough.
I am successful enough.
I am God fearing enough.
I am talented enough.


YOU are enough. 

Your life is not a question... It is a mother *BLEEPING* statement.

Own it.  Shake it. Work it.  Let it simmer in your soul.....

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