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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let it GOOOOO!

You totally thought I was going to start "type-singing" the theme song from Frozen right? HAHA, nope.

I am totally NOT going to do that yet... I mean, Idina Menzel is muh favorite Broadway star and when she belts it out, I want to just dance around in my party dress and sprinkle snow everywhere and just let it go, man.....

What am I talking about? 

Fully surrendering that THING... that thing that you know you have to just give it up and surrender.

LET GO and LET GOD, right?

I so have a hard time with this. I mean, I walk in faith... and I love and trust God, but I have a HARD time letting stuff go, I want to have control over certain things.  How am I supposed to just surrender it and walk away and wait.... and wait .....and then do I build my ice house in the mountains and just stay there creating storms and snow and ice  and freeze things with the wave of my hand? Or do I just rest in peace and wait? The waiting is the hard part for me. I like to think I am patient, but when it comes to the HARD stuff I have to surrender I have a hard time FULLY letting it go.

HAHA, this reminds me of when our pastor was talking about this in church and Peter (the worship leader) was playing "ALL OF ME" by John Legend... and the song really says, "Cuz I'll give you all, all of me... and you give me all, all of you"..... And we feel all emotional and oooey gooey and sapppy....

 Imagine if the song lyrics were... "Cuz I'll give you pa--arrr---arrrt of me... and you give me all, all of you."  

(credit to Peter, our Worship Team Leader for the above amazing song redux)

The person you are singing the song to (or maybe you called into the radio station and requested a love song go out to your loved one, LOL).... would be like WHAAATTTT THE BLEEEP BLEEEEEEEPPPPPP????!!!!??!

Why do we have such a hard time just letting IT go.  That wall.  The wall that surrounds us and protects us from ever getting hurt by someone or something or from every letting anyone in.  When we chose not to let the wall down, we are saying NO to something that could potentially be amazing. WHY DO THAT?

In every successful relationship we need to surrender...there has to be some give and take.

The first relationship I have to learn to FULLY surrender to is my relationship with my # 1 man in my life, God. Man, it is hard.  Have you ever sat there in prayer at your desk and in prayer fully give your career up to HIM?  Or maybe you are struggling with bills.  When did you lay that down before him? I mean REALLY?  Sit in prayer holding your bills and your checkbook, debit card, whatever physically represents your finances to you and PHYSICALLY give it to him while you are in your quiet time?

See, we spend so much time complaining about what is bad in our lives our how we work to pay bills, or I am horrible at dating and when men get to close I SHUT THEM OUT, but seriously.... HAVE YOU GIVEN UP THE CONTROL TO MAKE IT COME TO FRUITION?

Why do we have such a hard time giving HIM our all?  Giving up control? and being patient waiting for His resolve??? WHY??? 

Here it is kids.....

If I have to give it up, I am admitting I am not perfect and I cannot do everything and I love being in control. THAT'S WHY!

Shoot, I am comfortable with calling myself out here. HELLO. :) And I KNOW I am not perfect I am FAR FROM IT....

So, I am on a new journey of finding self  I have surrendered my future to HIM and guess what? I was accepted into a master's program and will start taking classes in January on my way to getting a doctorate in Christian Counseling and Theology.  First step is my master's degree.  God has made each step perfectly aligned in this crazy venture. AND if he can make this happen, what would happen if I surrender my finances, my relationships, my kids... 

See, we tend to forget that God is our father, our Daddy as Ms. Vickie says.... and he loves us more than what we could even imagine.  I look at my son and I think, MAN I would do anything for him to protect him... God's love for that little boy is 1 million times that. I cannot even imagine. 

So why not surrender? If you haven't tried and you are floundering take a few minutes to talk to YOUR DADDY in heaven... sit in his lap, hold his right hand and......

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