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Monday, April 7, 2014

I think I have ADHD.... Random Thoughts

I think sometimes I try to mold myself to other's expectations of what I think they want me to be... I try not to, but I do and I think we all tend to do that a bit... but when I can be my quirky, silly self and play on a playground and NOT feel like an old lady playing on a playground with a child... that tells me something....

Sometimes a person needs to just be comfortable in their own skin.

I love my friends and family to the moon and back.

Coffee is my favorite beverage of choice... I do like a glass of wine from time to time.  My favorite color is green. 

I really do have HAZEL eyes... although they appear blue most of the time...


I am the reason we watch FROZEN almost every day. I try to blame it on my 4 year old but truly it is me. I want to sing with the characters, and when my daughter let's me be Anna it warms my heart.

I love to sing...I will sing at the top of my lungs every given chance.

I care for people easily which I will not change...ever.  Sometimes I get told I care too much... but I would rather care too much than not at all.

I love Ritz crackers, and I don't eat a lot of sweets.

Have I mentioned that coffee is good? 
I love my kids so much it hurts sometimes. 

I started going to a hip-hop dance class that is so much fun... I laugh so hard I snort.

OH, I snort when I laugh from my belly....

I would like to do stand up comedy one more time before I get too old to tie my shoes.

If I could change the world I would. (DUH people, DUH)

I do have prejudice.  I am prejudice against people who are prejudice.  I don't understand how someone can hate another person based on their gender, skin color, sexual preference, happiness level, marital status... I just don't get it. So I am prejudice... I used to say I am not prejudice, but let's face it... I get really pissed off when people cast judgment against someone without even knowing them based on those "things" that make that person a PERSON.... TRUE??? I think so. How dare you judge someone like that without walking in their shoes. OK?

I get freaked out when the University hospital calls me on a Monday asking for me to bring my daughter on Tuesday for an appointment... Even when I know it is just probably a medicine update or blood work that needs to be rechecked... but it freaks me out.

When a friend tells me something I listen... I may ask a lot of questions... I may try to problem solve because that is my nature, but if you tell me to just listen I will.

If you tell me you don't want to talk about it, I won't.  If you tell me you want to talk about it but you don't want to be asked about it, I won't ask you about it but I will want to....but I will wait for you to bring it up. MAKE SENSE?

I am smart but sometimes not so much. Sometimes I am a ditz.

I love to dance.

Cheese is one of my favorite food groups. I know it is NOT a food group but it should be, as well as tacos.... tacos should be a separate food group...or they could develop another part of the food pyramid that is called, "CHEESY SPICY MEXICAN FOOD" and it would make me happy. Get on that FDA... get on that.. Make it happen (LOL).

I love flip flops. I would wear them in the snow if my feet wouldn't get cold or wet. 

I'm just a girl.

That statement is powerful for me. I mean, I am a business woman, a mom, a crafter, a toy player, a chauffer, a best friend, the biggest cheerer in the stands at a game... but at the end of a the day... I may be older, but I am still a girl.  A girl who maybe someday doesn't want to walk through this life all by herself.  BUT alas, I can do it.  I have this far and I can do it... if I am lucky enough to end up walking it with someone, I know I will be truly grateful. But until then, I got this.... this crazy roller coaster called life...

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