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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back to the DAMN Chart...

So getting back on track in 2014, I am also getting back on track with my kids.

Maddy is still a turkey and needs to be reigned in.  She truly enjoys getting me upset and ruffling my feathers, matter of fact... this child LAUGHS in my face if I give her a spanking.  And honestly, I don't want to be that mom.  You know the one who screams and beats her child?  So after discussing it with her... YES, I had to discuss the idea of behavior with my 4 year old diva, because if it is her idea she will actually follow it.  What I actually do is kinda like a pre-schooler Jedi mind trick thing and she decided on a behavior chart with prizes. How coincidental that THAT is what I also thought would be good and just "happened" to have the supplies in order to create said chart.

So, we made the chart, and the school made a chart there too so we can be in sync which is also helping her at school.  THANK GOODNESS. 

She wants prizes for being good. NOW, the prize should be she gets to come out of her room another day... but alas, she needs to see her rewards come to fruition.  So, I am going to gather some toys (well, some she forgot she has, and some from the dollar store, and a few big prizes I picked up at Walgreens after Christmas) and put them out on display for her.  SO, when she has a few good days, she can pick a small prize and eventually build up to a bigger one.  Eventually she wants to go to the mall and a waterpark, so that will have to be in a while.

So I am thinking, "I WIN! I WIN!" with my 4 year old, and my son (who is 10 and absolutely a GEM of a child-- I ask him to pick up, and he says 'yes ma'am' and he does it).... where was I, oh my son then says, what about me? Where is my behavior chart?

OK. Kids.  Really? He is such a great kid, I don't NEED to make a chart for him, but I don't want him to be left out.

Cuz, let's face it... I don't want HIM to start doing naughty things JUST to have a chart like Maddy, then the whole damn chart thing BLOWS UP in my face.

So what do I do....

I am at a behavioral chart cross roads so to speak. I have to accommodate in some way and make him a chart!  SHIIIIITTTTTTT!

PLAN!  I have it!

He loves video games and computer time, and because he is so good, I don't have him do a lot to earn time on the computer/DS/etc.  So why not have him do different chores and activities to earn computer time.

BRILLIANT!  AND he loves the idea! (lets just see for how long, kids)

So, he has normal chores he helps with that will earn him time every day (note not all chores are daily, but his responsibility)
1) feed and water cat
2) take recycle and trash out
3) unload dishwasher
4) fold his clothes
5) carry laundry down to the wash

But what if he wants extra time?  Well... why not have him do a little workin' out with me?
So for extra time, he will have to do some pushups, squats, jogging... sit ups... and I will do them with him (when I can, I am having surgery so I cannot do it for a while). 

For every minute he wants extra of "inactivity" I will ask him for that equivalent in activity.


Whoooshhhhh.... Now back to work. I feel like a frikkin' rock star.

Or wait, mom star?

Or super chart maker?

Well, you get it.......

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