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Friday, November 9, 2012

LAUGH! NOW! Do it!!

You ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you are spinning plates with the left hand, juggling pens with the right hand while walking upstairs with a pie on your head and two kids holding on to your ankles?

Just imagine that kind of week (lol, how many of you can totally relate because you have had that week?).

We all have those weeks when the days run together and we don't really have any time to think, let alone plan out a meal or even focus long enough to make it through "The Big Bang Theory" on Thursday night... But how do you chose to unwind?

I mean, this week has been so busy that I forget to eat during the day (wait, I did stop to have a kit-kat mini bar out of my kids Halloween candy)--- but I would finish work, make dinner, play with the kids, get them ready for bed, go to the gym to work out... and then realize that I hadn't eaten myself. So I get home and make something fast. I start eating it... then the next thing  you know, I am falling asleep in the damn chair again... so then I just go to bed so I can start the whole crazy cycle all over again... *DEEP SIGH*

How do you unwind? I think I need to have an unwind moment that is more productive that the one I currently have. By productive I mean a way to unwind that truly takes my mind off of the stressful stuff that surrounds me every day.

I think we need to laugh more... and I don't mean that little "ha-ha" courtesy laugh you do when someone tries to be funny, but they really aren't... a from-the-gut, rip-roaring, can't-stop-yourself-and- tears-are-streaming-down-your-face kind of laugh.
Laughter truly is the best medicine.  Think about it, when was the last time you laughed so hard you could hardly breath... You sat there and almost cried, you pounded your hand on the table, and maybe you even snorted!  Then--- the rest of the night you are smiling, and you casually think back to how hard you were laughing earlier and then you do it, you smile big and you giggle a little.

How many of you have been so depressed that it hurts to laugh? I have been there. I have been at a very low place and I couldn't pull myself out. I couldn't even laugh with my kids at a Disney show.  But did you know that if you just try it, you might like it (like Wheaties)... Maybe MAKE yourself laugh at first to get comfortable with it. Just try it.

Laugh with friends.  Have a night every week on purpose to just do something to laugh and not think about all the "what ifs" that life presents...

Some laugh-o-riffic things you can try:

* Play a game that is silly (like Pass the Pigs, or Twister)
* Have a marshmallow eating contest (Virginia, you gave me this idea tonight. LOL)
* Play a question game (you ask a question and someone else has to answer it, make it funny)
* Look in the mirror with your child and see who can make the silliest faces.
* Make up songs and dance.  (like MOM RAPPERS, LOL)
* Walk a mile in your child's shoes.  Take an hour to play with them and do silly things, you will be surprised at how wonderful it feels to be childlike and carefree for just a moment
* Truly enjoy friends and family.  Be fully engaged....
* Smile more... the more you smile the more your heart will be lighter (which then opens you up to laughter)

Enjoy your friends.  Enjoy your family.  This life is too short not to laugh a little.

I thank Virginia and Char for making me belly laugh tonight and helping me take my mind off of work, medical issues with Maddy, etc... Everyone  should be so blessed to have friends to giggle with.

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