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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Relay for Life- Linn County

This weekend proved to be very rewarding, emotional, fun, sad, tiring, uplifting, and well... amazing.

Alex and I are on the committee for the Linn County Relay for Life --- this was our first year EVAH being on the committee. It was one of the most amazing things of my whole life.

I am honored to have met so many survivors and talk with many people about why they Relay.

Sometimes all I was able to do was to squeeze a hand or give a hug because any words I would say would not be sufficient for what the relayers are going through or what they have been through.

During the relay process I was put into contact with an amazing woman... our photographer canceled and we needed a replacement... Thanks to Jennifer I was connected with Ms T. When Ms. T showed up I had to give her a hug and thank her for volunteering her time and taking pictures of Relay. She hadn't been before but she was so enthusiastic and so warm. From the moment I met her I got this vibe of kindness. As she was taking pictures of the opening ceremony and of the survivors taking the first lap, I saw her get tears in her eyes. I went over, and gave her a hug. Relay is a time of rejoicing and a time to honor. She informed me her father in law just was diagnosed with liver cancer. (by just in the last week). I told her there was a reason for her to be here. To celebrate. Remember. Fight back. She knew she was called for a reason to be at Relay for Life, and it wasn’t just my doing. She volunteered her free time with a thankful heart.

At the end of Relay, as we watched the survivors do their final lap, she and I cried and hugged. Both being a loved one of someone who had to battle this evil disease which is genderless, ageless, race-less... And now, sadly... both who have had a loved one pass away from such an evil disease. Her father in law passed away. My heart is full of thankfulness to her and I am overwhelmed at how strong she is and what a blessing she is to me without even knowing it. I pray her family finds strength through this and I just ask each and every one of you to send your thoughts, prayers, and love her way.

I never know who I will meet at relay and how my life will forever be changed based on this one night... for one cause.

I am so thankful for my friends and family who came out to Relay... my wonderful and amazing husband, Phillip, Serina, Alex, Kennith and Maddy!!!  Char, Mark and the kids... Lu-Lu and the kids, Sarah and the boys....  Your support is amazing! thank you! Thank you to Gloria for being an amazing leader and to everyone I worked with on the comittee!!!

AND thank you to those of you who personally donated to our DahFeet team--- Alex (mad skills daughter, mad skills at raising money), Merry, Paul, Mark & Char, Sarah, Lu!!! and the list goes on!

I am so humbled and blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization (American Cancer Society) and such an amazing event! 

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