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Monday, June 18, 2012

June is National Candy Month, WHAT????

So, I was just surfing Facebook (I know you are shocked... Facebook and not Pinterest? WHAT??? LOL) and I saw my friend Kai posted abou the month of June. Did you know that June is National Candy Month? It sure is.

How to celebrate? Well first, my kids, nephews and I made a candy card for Phillip for Father's day. We did this without even knowing it is National Candy Month. I must be pyschic (or an addict to Pinterest, you decide...hahaha).

Since there are only 12 days left in the month... here is how I plan to celebrate National Candy Month...

Day 1: take a box of candy to my next door neighbor with meaning... so, I think I am going to take her a king sized snickers. And when I send it to her, I will say... "I dare you to eat this in 10 minutes, but I won't SNICKER!" How cheesy but fun? (this is the neighbor whose husband is a total douche. He is just mean, so to do something silly like this with his wife would be a bonus, because she is amazing and silly)

Day 2:  make chocolate covered bacon.  I love bacon. I love chocolate. They sell chocolate covered bacon on a stick at the Iowa State Fair... why can't I make it...

Day 3: make jelly bean pancakes for breakfast. I am going to add the jelly beans to pancake mix and serve them to my kiddos! I will have to tell you how they turn out. :)

Day 4: send lollypops with my son to the last day of cubscout camp to share with his pack (but the carmel apple ones.. haha)

Day 5: blog about the TWINBING... (your curiousity is peaked... I know it is... it is a delicious little candy made in my hometown) 

Day 6: go to an international grocery store and pick two candies to try with the kids. (like the mango candies I had when I was a kid...num num)

Day 7: make some white chocolate covered strawberries for the young lady in this house who only likes white chocolate!

Day 8: go to Orange Leaf (our local FroYo place) and get more candy on top than yogurt on bottom!!

Day 9: Celebrate Haloween in June. HAHA, dress up, and hand out candy!

Day 10: make a pinata with the kids to fill later...

Day 11: Write my facebook status using different candies (like, Hi there! Did you know this is the end of national candy month? I know you "SNICKERS" as I write this or your "BUTTERFINGERS" can't write this down fast enough. But NOW OR LATER you have your PAYDAY or you will win 100GRAND, but get your SKITTLES now.... HAHA, something like that!

Day 12: Stuff the pinata and BREAK IT!  Celebrate candy month in style by having a BBQ candy bash!!!

Happy National Candy Month!!!! OK.  This idea is so crazy. Who is up for the challenge? :)

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