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Monday, February 20, 2012

Time Flies

What a great weekend! Date night was a success! I actually got dressed up and put make-up on! Phillip and I had a WONDERFUL date night--- A movie, dinner, and dueling pianos! I tried and tried, but I couldn't get Phillip on board with the paint your own pottery thing.  Maybe next time. LOL And while we were on our date night, my son (who is 8) and my mom had a date night of their own. They went to a movie and... How did you guess? CULVERS? Why yes!

Why does the weekend go by so fast? Is it that we try and pack EVERYTHING into two days? Food shopping, other shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc?  I know that is how it goes here at the Wenndt house.  Then add in TaeKwanDo on Saturday mornings for an hour and fifteen minutes! PLUS church on Sundays... sure makes the weekend fly by!

In order to maximize weekend time with my family, I am on a mission to do food shopping on Thursday night instead of during the weekend. I am going to try and go after the kids go to bed.  By myself. Crazy idea, but I bet without the kids I even will save money! LOL Let's see if it can work.  Now to set the DVR to record Grey's Anatomy. HAHA

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