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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moms UNITE - Take a Time Out

I have been pondering all day about what to write about. As I ponder, I really think I need a mommy time out.  The last time I had a "time out" I went to a friend's house for a "Simply Said" party and I loved it.  She had made some WONDERFUL food and I had a glass of wine, and enjoyed my time with grown-ups. But here is the thing... I felt GUILTY for being there, instead of being at home.  I was constantly checking my text messages to see if my kids needed me, and my husband was like, "I GOT THIS... go, enjoy your time" and I had a nice time, but I kept checking my phone and my watch.  I felt guilty. Does ANYONE else get like this?

I think as moms we tend to give everything we have to our kids, our spouse, our homes, our jobs, and even our pets. At the end of it all, we forget to give any attention to ourselves, and if you are like me... when you finally do, you feel guilty. 

I walk around most days in sweat pants and a hoodie.  I don't put on make-up. Jewelry? What the heck is that? I have become a minimalist mom. I used to wear make-up and get my nails done. Now, if I have a splatter of polish on my nails from painting Maddy's toes (she is my 2 1/2 diva) it is a good day. I am all dressed up! Really, I love this life and I would NEVER trade it for anything in the world, but maybe mommy deserves a time out, without guilt.  How do I get out of the "dirty mommy" mode? (Really, you know I don't mean bow-chicka-wow-wow dirty... haha)  Now, to clear the air, my kids and my husband are just fine when I do something for me... I am the person who puts the guilt trip on me.  So, I have decided to resolve this inner conflict.  How to I combat dirty mommy and take a time out for mental health? LOL it's not like I can call into this job sick. HAHA Here is how I plan to do it---

1) Put on make-up every day, even if it is just mascara. For some reason, when I wear make-up, I personally feel better.
2) Take 5 minutes to do something just for me--- this sounds crazy, but instead of trying to type out my grocery list on my cell phone while using the restroom (you know you have done something like this, multi-tasking. lol)  maybe I take 5 minutes to look up a new recipe to try and make it for dinner. This is something I really enjoy to do. I love to cook.
3) Enjoy a night out with the girls every month.  Thanks to my dear friend I met thru Cub Scouts, she suggested a bunch of ladies get together every month and do something new.  Last month it was "Simply Said" this month it is SPRAY TANNING! Oh, I am so excited for this!!!! (and it is organic spray tan, so it is healthier times two. You know, no fake baking and organic!)
4) Take time to find the romance in my relationship- I make sure to kiss my husband every morning and every night. And maybe instead of wearing sweats to bed I actually put on some cute pajamas. Having my husband show affection helps me stay sane. (Don't ever let him know I said that. HA)
5) Know it is OK to have a time out and NOT hold myself to this different standard.--- try NOT to feel guilty about it. Remind myself that it is OK take time for myself. It is kinda like the air plane; put your own air mask on first before you assist others. Bwwaaahhhhaaa. 

So for this fine Thursday and my third blog... I am going to try and follow my rules. We shall see how it goes!

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