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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Get Off Your Butt and DO SOMETHING About It!

Have you EVER in your life just wanted to YELL this statement at someone,


Followed by, quit your belly aching.  You think YOU have it tough?  Seriously. There are children in Africa starving and you have food.  Or better yet, you have food... the family 1 mile away from you just lost their father, the sole bread winner and they have no food.  Maybe some people need a reality check.... I mean DID YOU have to walk up hill, both ways in the freezing cold with no shoes? NO YOU DIDN'T (and nether did your mother... lol) so stop it with your sense of entitlement. SHEESHHH...

I am so frustrated by people who say, OH POOR, POOR ME... and they have EVERY-darn-THING.... especially when they consistently post it on social media... "I am so sad, I don't have money" (she posts from her iPhone 5 while drinking a Starbucks coffee)...

Don't get me wrong, we all can control our own use of  our own use of social media, but when does it become too much?

Do you think there are social media drama queens (NOOOOOOO) that purposely cause drama on the internet just to cause drama? I know, hard to imagine (yes, you guessed it a round of sarcasm there).

And we are all frustrated with them, right? You know who I am talking about... that one chick who posts all the time about how horrible her life is? Or that dude who cannot ever have anything positive work out for him... maybe they need unicorns and rainbows on their newsfeed. OR WAIT... rainbow farting unicorns! Maybe WE should unite and plaster facebook for a day with nothing but HAPPY STUFF.  Like, I took a poop and I feel like a new woman... Or WHOOT... or maybe you are feeling a bit philosophical and want to elaborate on your poop or whoot, do it.... just be happy about it.

Happy is a choice, people... be happy darn it.  DO I have to come over there and SHAKE you INTO happy? LOL  it is a decision. 

I mean, there are plenty of things that could bring me down... the debt crisis in the US... first and foremost (don't even get me started)... the fact that I cannot DVR The Voice on Mondays because I am already DVRing How I Met Your Mother... OR what about this? I am out of coffee... I have decalf but that is not good enough... these things can all get me down... but do I let it? NO. I make a choice to NOT be down, I instead get happy.

Like, I can't DVR the Voice, but my neighbor does, and he leaves his back door open in the morning when he goes to work so I can sneak in and watch it..... and then I grab some of his coffee to drink. Its all good.

I really wouldn't do that by the way, but seriously.  Life is NOT easy... no one ever guaranteed us a safe, easy journey. 

WE have two guarantees in life...death and taxes. 

So, let's plan a happy day.  For the 21st of March (SPRING) where we only post happy stuff in social media.  Let's flood this world with frikkin' rainbows and unicorns.  #happysmileday Who is in this with me?

I will walk the sunny side of life... And if I see someone who is a Debbie downer, I will post something nice and happy to them and #happysmileday.  Let's see if we can change some people one dust of happy at a time.

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