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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Resolution... or NOT???

Question for you? Do you set any new year resolutions?

Like, you won't eat chocolate, or you will eliminate caffeine out of your diet. OR wait, YOU PROMISE THAT THIS YEAR YOU WILL DEFINITELY GO BACK TO THE GYM!

A lot of these use to be my kind of resolutions until I realized that:

A) I love chocolate... why give it up when I can just eat it in moderation.
B) DUDE, no coffee with caffeine? NO nice Melissa. PERIOD. END OF STORY. BRING ON THE caffeine (and as a medical side note: caffeine is said to delay Alzheimer's so it is important to drink it---BONUS).
C) I will go back to the gym but if I miss a day here and there I won't punish myself.

So, why set a resolution when I KNOW I am going to break it.  Instead, I set a word goal.  Thanks to a fantastic website I was able to truly set a goal to impact others by picking just one word and living that word daily. 

My word for this year is thankful.  I decided that through all things... the good, the bad, and the funky... I will continue to be thankful.

Even when the going gets tough... I want to be thankful in the process.

So my first step was to set up a "2013 work goodies" jar.  In this jar, I am going to collect all of the fantastic goals I accomplish or nice things that happen at work. So when I am having a rough day, I have a reason to be thankful. I can pull out a piece of paper and be brought back to that amazing moment so I can have reminders at work to be thankful for what I have.

And I don't know about y'all but sometimes work can get SO BUSY that I get overwhelmed. So instead of getting caught up in the "overwhelm" I am making a conscious effort to be thankful for the amazing job I have.

What I did:
I took an old mason jar from the pantry, sticky notes, and fun butterfly bling stickers.

I cut the sticky part off of the sticky note so I had some little slips of paper I could easily write a note down on and toss it into the jar (with the date).

Easy cheesy.  Now, It is just up to me to fill it.  The more I do for others and the more I meet my goals, the more paper I get in that little jar.  I would LOVE to have 2013 papers by the end of the year, but that I think is a wee bit overzealous (LOL) so maybe I will go for 300. 

Challenge: find your own word to live by for the year.  Get creative with how you will make that word come to fruition in your life. 

Have fun with it!  Be creative! Get silly!  POST YOUR WORD BELOW (please)


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