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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Doctors, Doctors, and WAIT...MORE DOCTORS

So, a lot of you have been following for a while and know that we have been battling some medical issues with our little Madelynn... the battle still continues.

So this is my Madelynn update.

Maddy is so funny for a 3 1/2 year old and she is so smart. I think this is what my blessing is because I can only trust my mom-gut so much.  Maddy is very in tune to her body and things that are going on and she can communicate it with us (which not only flabbergasts Phillip and myself, but also the doctors).

Great news first...

We now can drop the gastroenternologist.  His job is done. Maddy is pooping well and she doesn't need to go back to him again. PRAISE GOD.

The other news...

Maddy is scheduled for a kidney function test on Jan 22nd.  However, she has had another serious UTI, and was on antibiotics for 10 days. Thank goodness they tested her to make sure the antibiotic would work on her infection before they gave it to her. So, the test, and the nephrologist afterwards to talk about her kidneys....

Then a check up with the endocrinologist to make sure she is on track with her medication for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (hypothyroidism).

And then to a rheumatologist.... and a cardiologist... so many "ISTS" I cannot even fathom.

At Maddy's last check up, her heart murmur is getting louder and her blood pressure is high.  Something is not right. My mom-gut is telling me that her hypothyroidism is a symptom of another autoimmune disease (such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus).

So, based on my mom-gut-tuition (that is my term for mom intuition) I told the endocrinologist she sees that her heart murmur is getting worse, her BP was high, she constantly complains about her bones "hurting"... and she is exhausted all the time.

I would take her place... a million, gazillion times. I have said this before.  There is NO REASON a 3 1/2 year old should be FINE with getting a blood draw.  SHE KNOWS SHE DOESN'T FEEL WELL.  She has a constant cough and we get no answers.

There is no one who specializes in EVERYTHING but I refuse to just stand on the sidelines and wait. I know, I am not a doctor. I know this.  I am a mom.  I know my kids. And I know when something is really wrong. 

My blessing? A doctor.  Our family doctor.  She honestly is a champion of our health and will FIGHT with us to get the answers we need.  So with her help, the prayers and healthy thoughts from friends and family... and God above...

So that is my Maddy update.  After more than 5 months of searching for something, I feel as if we will have answers soon and my baby will be on the official mends. 

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