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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Personal Best

Kennith has ALWAYS struggled with writing. He writes letters and numbers backwards. For the longest time, I had NO IDEA why he struggled so much with it. His letters would look crazy and out of control.  I would sit and practice with him for hours... days... months...years (OK so that is way to much drama, eh? LOL)

But I would practice with him.  Earlier this year, his spelling test looked like the test below. How do I fix it?

We started having him write out words at least three times per night, and if he wrote a letter backwards, or if it was sloppy he would have to write it again... and the result was this....

One night, Phillip sat down with Kennith and he started to write out his words.  Phillip said, "Now Kennith... is that YOUR personal best? I think YOU can do better." and sure enough... here is what happened.

I cannot tell you how this has helped me in this ADHD journey with Kennith.  So, every night with homework, before his father or I check it, we always ask if he did his personal best. If he didn't... he will fix it.  It he did, then we review it. Kennith has come so far!

So, I wonder if that is a lesson for me.  I should do my personal best at everything, and make sure it is my very personal best before I am done... whether it is dinner, work, quality time with my kids, even cleaning the bathroom. Always do it your personal best.... then you can always be proud of what you accomplished.

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