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Monday, December 10, 2012

Homosexuality and Religion- One Mom Speaks Out

Well, I am sure that got your attention.  Homosexuality and religion.  One mom speaks out.

What the hell will this Jesus freak speak about now? 

For those of you who "THINK" you know me, you may want to stop reading here. I would hate that your feelings get offended by mine (I hope you got the sarcastic undertone, for it was there... TRUST)--- or let me put it to you bluntly, YOU WILL BE OFFENDED.

But here is the thing, I will give you time to stop reading now or you can keep reading and then chose as to whether you continue or not. We are all born of free will.  Before I go into my mom-rant-tastic view, I will first start by saying---- I love you.  I love God, I love the fact that Jesus died for me, and I have a relationship with Him that is never failing. My love for Him and all that He is (He is rather magnificent, don't you think?) means that through Him... I LOVE YOU. If you are someone I call friend, I don't call you friend lightly. I call you friend because I love YOU and He gave me the ability to love again after my heart was stomped on by the "ideologies of some religious folks" and my ex-husband.

I love you for your past, present, and your future, I even love you if you have hurt me.  I love you not for the sins you commit but for the human you are and your compassion and drive to be better.  I love you because it is not my job to judge you...

My job on this Earth is to show compassion and love, even in the midst of anger.

So, today was my birthday.  It was an amazing time spent with my family (although Alex and I spent two hours at urgent care over a really blue and swollen toe --Alex, and acute sinusitis--- me)... I am so thankful of my friends who sent me well wishes and love for my birthday, it really is meaningful to me. 

I am also thankful for the sense of humor God gave me.  It may be snarky, it may be edgy and dark but it is my sense of humor to say the least.

Today I posted the following on my facebook page.  I post a LOT of stuff on my facebook page. A lot of things that are inappropriate, but man, if its funny, its funny. I cannot help it, judge me and persecute me for my bad sense of humor.

But today I shared something that got me thinking... why is religion so against people who are gay? To such an extent that someone would personally send me a message (not on my facebook wall) that stated, "I was confused by your post promoting homosexuality."

Do you not know me? I mean, you didn't even ask me how I am doing, or how my kids are.  You didn't even tell me happy birthday for cry eye, but you are confused by my post promoting homosexuality? My post didn't really do anything but make me think. 

You see the post in question... Or maybe it was this one...
(For I posted two, this one is just plain funny, who the hell wears Crocs anymore? Well, I would if my dog didn't eat mine, but that is a different story).

If you did know me, you would know that my cousin is gay.  He is in a committed relationship and one of the most loving relationships I have ever seen in my life.  Some of my closest friends are gay.  They were there for me when my life was upside down.  When my life was upside down, from the "church" I received a phone call from the pastor asking me not to volunteer my time in the nursery.  I was forsaken by my church.

forsaken past participle of for·sake (Verb)


  1. Abandon (someone or something): "a tiny, forsaken island".

  2. Renounce or give up (something valued or pleasant): "I won't forsake my vegetarian principles".

 So before you go and cast stones my way, check out your own glass house.  God is a good God, He loves, and  He teaches us to love in return. 

My sister's friend, Randy said the following, which truly speaks to me... "'Sodom & Gomorrah was destroyed NOT for sexual sin; but for lack of hospitality and care for social justice issues'. I use the scripture that this is referring to whenever I speak to christian groups about slavery. Not everyone likes it. It's ok to be a lying, gluttonous, cheating, murderer at heart as long as you're not gay."

Why have some people made it their life's mission to persecute people who are gay? Christians who love God as ardently as they do? Why must they practice and preach everything God told us not to? If you are offended by this, you will say that I am picking and choosing different versus to serve MY need... well, aren't you?

I am very saddened today to even have to bring this up, hurt a few people, but I realized I needed to clear the air a bit with my stance on religion and the "homosexuality".  The issues isn't with homosexuality. The issue isn't with religion.  The issue is with the person who uses religion to cause fear and angst in a community for their own well being.

I know when I die, where I am going.  I know I stand alone, not with a church, a pastor, or even my cousin.  I stand alone. It will be just God and I and I know that I did my mission on this Earth. My mission was to love as He did. 

If He were here- walking this earth now...would he forsake anyone?  Would He first ask you if you are straight or gay before He held you? Carried you? Healed your wounds? He would not forsake YOU. 

Love, peace and a forgiving heart....

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